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This feature set is the root of the ChildWatch program. All key data for Client and Child are managed here including enrollments, waiting list, immunizations and more. Trigger cycle or hourly billings, record payments (or draft electronically*) and print reports.

Feature Highlights
  • Client Billing (hourly, fixed, category)
  • Attendance Kiosk (touchless option)
  • Immunizations & Scheduling
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Family Data

ChildWatch helps you to manage all your clients' data in one central location.  Store detailed contact information, multiple phone numbers and more. Check client & agency balances in a glance. For children easily manage immunizations, schedules, medical and emergency contact information. Customize your own fields to store additional information on client, child, and even employees.

Classroom Manager with Child Daily Journal

Easily balance child & staff using the Classroom Manager! Maintain ratios with ease, bulk-checkin/out of child & teacher, and even re-assign rooms as children age. Keep up with Child Daily Journal events such as diaper changes, bottle feedings, and other events you custom-create. Parents can view a real-time report of daily events through their portal from work or home.

Child Attendance Tracking

Easily track hourly attendance through "kiosk" registration. Simply place a computer screen (or tablet) at your entrance for parents to indicate child drop-off and pick-up. Parents enter their credentials and select children by name/photo or make an ePayment.

Our Kiosk App for Android and iOS (iPad) devices offers everything our web kiosk does, but adds seemless operation by working offline during Internet outages. Devices automatically sync your data when Internet service is restored.

Touchless Kiosk Mode (NEW)

Reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other potential threats by eliminating the need to touch the kiosk screen! Using a mobile device, users scan a QR code (2D barcode) and can check in/out for staff hours and child drop-off / pick-up. Each code auto-expires to ensure users are on-site.

Contact Tracing (COVID-19)

Halt the spread of COVID-19 once a child is determined to test positive for the virus. ChildWatch provides detailed reports for tracing which children were most likely to have had contact with the infected child. Report immediately to parents helping to halt the spread as quickly as possible.

Accounts Receivable (A/R)

ChildWatch provides flexible billing for fixed-rate, hourly, and a la carte. Quickly bill all of your clients each having different rates in just a few clicks! You can review the charges prior to posting to the ledgers. Client statements may be printed or emailed.

Child & Staff Scheduling

Optimize staffing needs by scheduling children and employees in advance. Ratio projection tools help to determine when staffing is adequate and when you are out-of-ratio. Schedule attendance and absences such as vacation, holiday and staff sick leave.



Employee T&A ("punch clock")

The same station (kiosk) used for tracking child attendance doubles as a punch clock for your staff. Employees can clock in and out from any station and you can view an exceptions report in real-time. You can even export the time data to QuickBooks® for payroll processing.

Coming in early 2023 is our Kiosk App for iOS (iPad) and Android devices. This new feature will offer everything our web kiosk does, but adds seemless operation by working offline during Internet outages. Devices automatically sync your data when Internet service is restored.

QuickBooks Integration

The QuickBooks® Links feature allows you to share your data with QuickBooks® in just a couple of steps. Easily import & update customer & employee lists as well as data for A/R and Employee Time (payroll) into QuickBooks® Desktop.

Activities & Classes

One of our most popular features offers the ability to track and bill for events at your business. Whether an activity such as finger-painting or a class such as math or dance, an unlimited number of events may be setup to track enrollments and automate billing. Detailed revenue reports let you see where your marketing efforts are working best.

Data Importation

Already using software and dread having to re-enter your data? ChildWatch makes the transition easier by offering a versatile data import feature. Simply export the data from your current program, format the results to match our easy-to-follow guide and voila! Get a headstart and be up & running within minutes.

* Electronic payments processing requires ePay