Attendance Kiosk

Mobile App for Tablets

The Kiosk app provides your buiness with reliable attendance tracking beyond our popular Web Kiosk. Easily track child and employee attendance, deliver important messages and accept electronic payments. Users enjoy seamless operation during Internet outages.

Feature Highlights
  • Android and iOS (iPad) tablets
  • Offline Operation
  • Secure PIN Entry
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Secure PIN Entry

For rapid and secure login, ChildWatch provides a unique secure PIN for all employees, clients, and associates. Upon entry, important notifications such as balance reminders, birthday wishes, and messages from staff are immediately displayed.

All employees, clients and their associates use a secure PIN for rapid login. Upon entry, important notifications appear such as balance reminders, birthday wishes and messages from staff.

Child Drop-off / Pick-up

Seamless and transparent parent drop-off/pick-up transactions simplify business management. Trust ChildWatch to help make managing your childcare business a breeze.

During each transaction, parents can check their balance, recent ledger activity, and receive important notification.

eSignature Capture

To ensure accountability and comply with state regulations, some jurisdictions require a signature to be captured for attendance. With ChildWatch's app, you have the option to capture an electronic signature as proof of transfer.

This feature provides an easy and convenient way to track attendance and ensure compliance, while also reducing paper waste and administrative burden. With ChildWatch, you can streamline your operations and focus on what matters most - providing high-quality care for children.

Electronic Payment

ChildWatch's ePay services make it easy for parents to quickly make payments on their accounts. Our secure system ensures that payment information, including credit card and checking account details, are managed off-site by each parent through the Parent Portal.

This means parents can easily view and update their payment information at any time, without having to contact your staff. With ChildWatch, payment processing is hassle-free for both you and your clients.

Employee Time & Attendance

ChildWatch's intuitive time-tracking feature allows employees to quickly log their work hours. Every clock-in is automatically linked to the appropriate room where the staff member is most likely to work, ensuring proper staffing levels.

With our Classroom Manager feature, updating employee room locations in real-time is a breeze, making it easy to maintain appropriate staff/child ratios. In addition, our instant messaging system ensures that employees receive any important updates or alerts during their interactions, keeping them informed and engaged.