Mobile CACFP Meals

Electronic Point-of-service Meal Capture

Introducing our latest addition to ChildWatch - portable meal capture!  Use a mobile device to capture child meals and attendance at the point-of-service.

Additional time is saved as marking paper rosters for later entry into ChildWatch becomes unnecessary.  After meal capture is complete, Meal Service Record (MSR) reports may be printed or saved for your records.

If you are a CACFP sponsoring organization of centers (or a self-sponsored center) you are familiar with the efforts needed to get staff to record the meals they've marked on paper throughout the week.  In fact, it is quite common for staff to fall behind, holding up the claim.  This feature eliminates all excuses and makes meal capture quick & simple for users.

There's nothing like it and it's available now to new and existing CACFP customers!

Key Benefits

  • Meal time Restriction
  • Paper Results Easily Printed
  • Reduce Errors & Save Time
  • Simple User Interface
  • Real-Time Data Capture
  • Use Nearly Any Mobile Device
  • One Device Captures All Meals
  • Smartphone or Tablet (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows)