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Online Payments

Accept Electronic Payments

To enhance our eServices offerings, ChildWatch brings you the latest in e-commerce. Give customers what they have come to expect - the convenience of electronic payments. ChildWatch ePay offers a secure and cost-effective option for your customers.

Extremely competitive rates make accepting online payments cost-effective! Accept Credit Cards or eChecks for only $5.00/mo! Accept both for just $5/mo more!

Our pricing is simple and truly offers an affordable monthly fee combined with low per-transactions costs. There's no comparison when it comes to other merchant options.

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Payment Types

All Major Cards + Checking/Savings

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • eCheck

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Accept Credit Cards and/or eCheck

Competitive Rates

An RSI merchant account is needed for each bank account into and out of which ePayments should flow. If you have multiple locations and share a bank account between them, you are permitted to use a single RSI merchant account for each of your ChildWatch accounts.

For each payment type you accept (not per-transaction), you will pay $5/mo. Your monthly fee for the RSI merchant account is either $5 or $10 (for one payment type or both) whether any ePayments are processed or not.

With your base monthly merchant account cost, for each ePayment (e.g. payments triggered by parents or by you), there are per-transaction fees listed below. These are highly-competitive rates as well...


$5/ mo
(per childcare)
  • No Setup Fee
  • FREE Account Integration
  • Only 19 Cents Per-Transaction
  • Qualified Cards 1.99%
  • Convenience to Parents

The Low Rates Are Real

We're able to offer them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we negotiated extremely low rates for our customers in the childcare industry. Secondly, parents pay a nominal convenience fee when making payments. This helps us to recover slightly from the low-priced merchant account. Nominal convenience fees are commonly accepted and help businesses like yours to experience tremendous savings.

Did You Know?

To exemplify the savings you get with an RSI merchant account, it's important to understand what a typical account costs. Just to open a merchant typically has a setup fee which can range from $25 to $250. Ours is $0. Then there is the monthly fee, again whether any ePayments are made or not. This fee is typically $30-50 per month. Ours is just $5 (or $10 for both payment types).

Get Your Money Faster

The more ways you provide for parents to pay their bills, the more likely you will get paid on-time! Combined with eServices, our ePay service allows your clients to pay from multiple accounts using any computer or mobile device at their convenience.

Fully-integrated Processing

ePay is fully integrated with your ChildWatch® account. Each transaction posts directly to the client ledger and updates the balance to provide detailed transaction reporting.


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