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To enhance our eServices offerings, ChildWatch brings you the latest in e-commerce. Give customers what they have come to expect - the convenience of electronic payments. ChildWatch ePay offers a secure and cost-effective option for your customers.

For less than $13 per month, you can accept credit cards or eChecks. $5 more allows you to accept both. You can still record any cash or paper check payments, but this feature provides a quick means of making payments whether a client is using the kiosk at the entrance or using the parent portal on a mobile device.

Each CC or eCheck (i.e. "payment method") is managed by the client in the parent portal so staff never see the private information. Payment methods are given a nickname and quickly selected at payment time.

Frequently Asked Questions

With ChildWatch ePay, there are no setup fees. Pay only $5/mo per payment method you wish to accept (credit card and/or eCheck). There is also a small PCI-compliance fee (e.g. $7.99/mo) mandated by the credit card industry.

These fees are charged monthly for having a merchant account, regardless of the number of transactions processed. Per-transaction fees are charged for each transaction. These are fees your organization pays (gives up) per transaction (ePayment).

Whether you're processing credit cards or eChecks, funds are deposited quickly into your bank account. Typical deposit times are:

  • 1-2 days (credit card)
  • 3-5 days (eCheck)

One merchant account is required for each unique bank account into which funds will be deposited for your business. If you have mutliple sites, but those sites share the same bank account, you would only require a single merchant account.

ePay is add only after establishing a subscription to ChildWatch. Once logged into your account, you are able to use the "Add-on Services" feature to start your ePay application. Most applications are approved within 7-10 days.