Frequently Asked Questions

ChildWatch is compatible the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer & Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari on nearly all devices including desktop, tablets and phones, whether PC, iOS or Android. Some users may have different experiences than others due to device settings, other software installations and configurations.

No. In fact the only hardware you'll need is an Internet-connect device such as a computer (touchscreen recommended), or more commonly a tablet. In any case, based on user feedback, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best user experience.

Our ePay service will allow you to accept payments electronically from credit cards and eChecks. Our eServices is required in order to accept ePayments.

The reason is that parents manage their own payment methods through the parent portal, a feature which is included in eServices. At no point do staff handle payment information such as credit card numbers (except the last 4 digits).

Instead, parents securely enter this information one time within their portal and save each payment method with a nickname. From that point forward, these methods are available when on-site at the kiosk (dropping-off or picking-up) or when off-site via the parent portal.

eChecks are normal checking accounts (or savings) and parents simply enter the numbers from the bottom of a check.

Probably. It really depends on which acquirer you have, but we are compatible with the most popular including:

  • First Data
  • Elavon (Nova)
  • Tsys (Vital)
  • Vantiv (IBM)

Our rates differ when using an alternate acquirer. Often it is better to use an RSI merchant account to get the best rates and avoid setup fees.

Absolutely. Except for our entry-level plans, we do not limit you by the number of simultaneous users. You can easily have office staff handling billings and reports, teachers recording journal entries on tablets and parents logging drop-offs at the door. All data are in real-time so each user sees the most updated information at any given moment.

As per our policy, each location will need its own ChildWatch account. This keeps the data separated and restricts access to each local set of staff. Each account may be easily managed by administrative staff from any location such as a central office.

Note that when using the ePay service, you are able to share a single merchant account for all locations, assuming the funds from each go into a single bank account. Otherwise, a separate merchant account is needed for each bank account targeted for deposits.

Multi-location businesses should contact us about potential discounting.

ChildWatch is 100% web-based meaning you will not download or install anything. To access your account, you'll use your account shortcut (e.g. on your desktop) to open your browser and log in. Access is quick & simple and can be done from any device with your unique account link.

Absolutely. ChildWatch is compatible with nearly all device types and operating systems. The high level of compatiblity stems from running completely inside the browser.

No. The only exception is a multi-site business which will have a one-time setup fee. All other accounts for a single-location business will have no other fees than the monthly subscription plan amount.

Absolutely! Our goal is to ensure you are happy with your purchase. Single-location businesses utilize our services on a month-by-month basis and may cancel at any time.

If for any reason, you are not satified with our services, you can cancel without penalty. As a bonus, if you are within the first 60 days of services, we'll refund 100% of your money in-full!

It depends. If you are going to be participating on the CACFP (food program) within 6 months, we recommend starting with such a plan. Otherwise, it may be best to start without it and then upgrade (free) later.

An advantage of starting with a CACFP plan anticipating near-term participation is that staff are able to begin learning the system overall, including video training and steps for the CACFP processes.

Yes, most likely. ChildWatch was designed to be flexible. This includes handling a variety of billing scenarios, including:

  • Fixed-rate (cyclic/enrollment-based billing, e.g. weekly/monthly)
  • Hourly (scheduled and unscheduled rates with min/max for day/week)
  • Category (for irregular bulk-billing such as fields trips)

You can easily perform "practice" billings (generate, but don't post to ledgers) to ensure the system will bill clients as you intend.Inquire today and a representative will gladly discuss your billing scenarios to ensure our software can accommodate them.

Yes, of course. Our Parent Portal provides convenient online access to parents 24/7. Parents can perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Receive important messages and communicate with staff
  • Update account & emergency contact information
  • Check balance, print statements and make a payment (ePay)
  • Provide upcoming child care schedules and vacation times
  • View upcoming immunizations
  • Examine attendance records (e.g. see if/when child was picked-up and by whom)
  • more...

You control which features are made available to parents.

No. The portal is completely free to parents.

There are a couple of fees which apply whenever an electronic payment is made by a parent. First of all, you will pay a monthly fee for each payment type you accept, whether any payments are processed or not.

Secondly, for each payment that is made, you will pay (i.e. "give up") a per-transaction fee. This is true for both credit card and eCheck. Additionally, for credit cards, you will also have a "discount rate" which is a percentage of the transaction.

Lastly, there is a nominal convenience fee we charge to parents (not you) for each payment. This fee helps to compensate for the low rates offered to your business. The most common scenario is to pass this fee on to the parent, but you can also opt to share part or all of it.

For more information, see our ePay rates.

No. All data are stored on our servers. Should your device fail, simply log into your account from a working device and pick-up where you left off (less any recent changes prior to a "save").

Yes. In fact, ChildWatch has over 300 reporting options covering a variety of report types including:

  • Class rosters
  • Detailed attendance logs
  • Upcoming immunizations
  • Client billing statements
  • Employee work logs
  • Emergency card information
  • more...

Run reports anytime and across any date-range. Save or print report information from your computer for future reference.

Yes. You can either manually apply a charge on a case-by-case basis, or quickly bill everyone having a late pick-up beyond beyond the scheduled time and/or business hours.

We often get this question so please allow us to explain... "ePay" is simply refers to electronic payments. Whereas "eServices" refers to a set of features including the parent portal, online enrollment requests, electronic signatures, etc.

  • ePay builds on top of and requires eServices
  • eServices does not require ePay

Great question! Our onboarding process will get you started learning the system immediately. Most customers are able to get staff trained with basic knowledge within a week, depending on their schedules.

Recommended steps for all new users:

  • Self-train using step-by-step training videos (approx 2 hours total)
  • Attend a live training webinar (held approx weekly)
During the onboarding process, full online support is provided by our technicians. Users simply submit their questions online and receive a rapid response, usually within a couple of hours. Depending on the issue, a technician may elect to call the user to provide better clarification.


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