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Lewiston, Maine

"Remarkable Product - user friendly Remarkable training- as if they are there with you. Remarkable Service - ready to listen & assist Remarkable Support -always there for you"

Des Moines, Iowa

"I can't believe it's taken someone so long to think of this. I used to never know what was happening at my center once I left. Now I can manage everything from home! Thank you so much!"

Antioch, Tennessee

"ChildWatch has provided that consistency and given us the confidence in knowing we can provide proof and adherence to policies and procedures of CACFP with our documentation. As with anything, there have been challenges, but they have been addressed quickly and where necessary, changes made. I don't see how anyone can administer the CACFP program without having ChildWatch as their software support. Best decision our company President ever made!"

San Diego, California

"I am a long term ChildWatch client and highly recommend this product. My center is part of a larger institution and the program compliments our standalone software capabilities. I find the interface extremely user friendly and logical. I am able to pull reports that display exactly what I need for my customers and for internal program needs. The monthly subscription cost is reasonable and the service has many features that I am not currently able to use, but you should! I can't speak highly enough of the customer service."

El Paso, Texas

"The program is very easy to use and get around. The tutorials are a great help. Turn around time for help is fast. Great way to keep track of shot records updates."

Houston, Texas

"The customer support has been phenomenal-answering my smallest questions and treating me with with respect. They have a very quick turn around time for questions."

Jacksonville, Florida

"You guys rock! Every question I have asked has been answered so politely and every issue resolved to the best of your ability. Thank you so much!"

South Paris, Maine

"ChildWatch support is amazing...thank you for you prompt service."

The Bahamas

"Meets our needs... Very user friendly... we have recommended to others who are also using the program."

Colorado Springs, Colorado

"We consider this software service invaluable. Since we began using it, we have reduced our outstanding receivables by more than 40%. We especially like getting all the modules for the same price. Support has been great and very responsive. We had a computer crash a while back and further realized the benefits of using this service."