Helping Small Businesses Cope

Relief during a nationwide time of crisis

The threat is real and it's affecting businesses of all types and sizes. To help prevent total shut-down, we are doing our part by extending a relief offer for new customers:

  • Receive 50% off all plans (until COVID-19 resolution)
  • Touchless Kiosk feature (NEW)
  • Near the 90-day mark, we will reassess the threat and discount extension
  • You will still receive our 60-day money-back guarantee after sign-up

Do your best to keep a minimum distance of about 3-6 feet when intereacting with others.

Use hand sanitizer after touching public surfaces such as shopping carts, door knobs and handles on cabs, public transportaion, etc.

Where appropriate, protect yourself with a face mask (N95). While this protection isn't absolute, it will help to minimize potential exposure.

How Can I Help?

Steps Towards Recovery

Every effort, no matter how small can help those around you. Use common sense and remain calm. This too shall pass, but until such time everyone must work together; avoid greed and be considerate of others.

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