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Top 5 Kid-friendly Activities for Summer 2021

It’s finally summer, and after a year of being cooped up inside, we’re all more than ready to enjoy it to the fullest extent. Socializing with friends? Lounging by the poolside? Getting tickets to the next summer blockbuster? Going on vacation? There are limitless possibilities to explore! 

However, as excited as we all are to get back to normal there are still precautions that we need to take to keep everyone safe. Even as COVID infection rates across the country are steadily decreasing, the virus still poses a risk for those vulnerable to infection. Recent CDC guidelines have lifted restrictions for vaccinated people, but given that the vaccine has only been approved for kids over the age of 12, we have to be mindful of the activities we plan for our younger, unvaccinated children this summer.

So, here are 5 activities guaranteed to help you make the most of this summer, no matter what age your kids are.

Attend an Outdoor Summer Camp

Outdoor summer camps, with all of their games and activities, have long proven to be beneficial for kids in a variety of ways. Summer camps promote lifelong skills such as independence and teamwork, while being outdoors has many health benefits and greatly reduces the risk of disease transmission. 

Go for a Hike

Find a local nature park and go for a walk. It’s a great way to get exercise, explore your community, and learn about nature with hands-on experience. A simple hike can even transform into a scavenger hunt or a geocaching adventure sure to entertain any child looking for adventure.

Learn Something New 

One of the biggest fears during the summer months is loss of learning. However, taking time to teach your child a new skill is a great way to make learning fun and prevent that summer slump. Some topics to consider are beginner coding, culinary lessons, gardening, a new instrument, or summer STEM activities.

Take a COVID Safe Trip

If you are itching to travel, it can be done with minimal risk. Whether by plane or car, make sure that you are aware of local guidelines and do some research to ensure that you and your kids will be able to follow the proper safety protocols. 

Get in the Water

Summer can be hot and people are always looking for ways to stay cool. One great outdoor activity that can’t be overlooked is going for a swim. Whether in the family pool or taking a trip to the beach, going for a swim can be a great way to find some outdoor and socially distanced fun.

No matter what you decide to do this summer, Childwatch is the perfect tool to make planning activities a hassle-free experience. Childcare providers can put events on the calendar with the information that parents need to make sure that their kids are prepared to make the most out of their summer. 

Whether you’re planning on staying at home or traveling cross country, stay safe and have fun!