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Supporting Children’s Friendships

As spring rapidly rolls in, so do opportunities for outdoor play that have been unavailable in colder climates. With outdoor playdates and summer vacations approaching, it’s a perfect time to consider how you can help support your child’s friendships during school breaks. Friendships are essential to children’s development at all ages, but can also be very hard! Your child might naturally be a social butterfly, winning over every other kid in their class. Or your child might be more introverted and not have as easy of a time socializing. Wherever on the spectrum your child naturally falls, there are things […]

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Getting Your Little Ones Ready to Write

girl writing in notebook

February always makes me think of Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day is often associated with lots of hearts and chocolates, but when I think of the holiday I recall spending hours writing up my Valentines to deliver to my classmates’ special, heart-shaped boxes. At younger ages, this was an arduous task with lots of erasing and struggling to spell names correctly. However, as the years progressed it became more enjoyable and is one of my treasured memories. Every year this holiday tradition continues, and kids of all ages like to participate in sending out their Valentines. But what age is appropriate […]

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Enjoying the end of Winter!

With January drawing to a close and the holidays seemingly a distant memory, the long slog of the end of winter is setting in. While the days are starting to get longer again, you never really start to feel it until mid-March. For those of us in colder climates the long hours indoors can wear on both our kids and ourselves. But winter does offer some unique opportunities for fun in the cold weather. Here are some ideas about how keep things fun and interesting in the last long stretch of winter Enjoy some winter sports Whether your family’s preference […]

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Tips for keeping the holidays fun!

While the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is filled with unique activities and joy, this can come with lots of meltdowns and frustrated little ones. While you always know your child best, here are some tips to help keep everyone calm during the busy holiday season to enjoy as much as possible and hopefully have a few fewer meltdowns. Keep the routine Children thrive off of routine! If you need to stay connected with your child’s day care provider, ChildWatch is a great resource to keep you informed about daycare/school routines so you can maintain that consistency at home. Try […]

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Make The Most of Fall With The Family

With the passing of the equinox, it is officially this writer’s favorite season: Fall!  Autumnal excitement is hardly unique nowadays seeing IG feeds filled with pictures of pumpkin patches, lattes, apples, fallen leaves, and the like. But despite the elements that might feel overdone, Fall presents some unique opportunities for learning and family bonding. Here are some suggestions of a few ways to make the most of the best and shortest season. Baking I know, this one probably doesn’t feel new or revolutionary, and if you’re not a particularly good baker it might feel like a mockery. But, no, you […]

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5 Ways to Help Kids Be Good Friends

two friends playing

“ The only way to have a friend is to be one.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson August 7th was Friendship Day, an international holiday for celebrating friendship and recognizing the importance of global bonding. In addition, August, for many families, marks the beginning of back-to-school season. As excited as parents and kids are for school, there tends to be some concern about how children will adjust to their new classroom. In short, will they get along with the other kids and be able to make friends? Although we send kids to school for academic learning, their social learning is a huge […]

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Getting Ready for Back To School

Did you know that we are coming up on August – Romance Awareness Month!!!!! JK! It is that, but that’s not our concern, nor is National Goat Cheese Month. I’m here for Get Ready for Kindergarten Month. Fortunately, this nationally recognized… celebration (?) is self-explanatory. For all the new young ones starting school for the first time, this is the time to get ready! While schools start at different times depending on where you live, most families are thinking about back to school starting in the month of August. Even if your child is beyond kindergarten, hopefully these few tips […]

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Supporting Children’s Mental Health

As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close here are some thoughts on how to support younger children’s mental wellness. It can be easy to think of mental health issues being the purview of teenagers and over-worked adults, but these challenges can face a person of any age. Children may feel intense stress or anxiety about what is going on in the world, their school, or at home. But they do not have the tools and vocabulary of teenagers or adults to articulate what they’re feeling. Starting the conversation on mental health early can help set up your child […]

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Hip Hip Hooray for Career Day!

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question we’ve all heard, and even as adults, it’s a question many of us still think about. Who do we want to be, what impact are we hoping to make with our lives, what career will bring us purpose, and what legacy will we leave behind.  Take Your Child To Work Day was originally founded by the Ms. Foundation as Take Your Daughters to Work Day in 1993 to inspire young women to think about their futures. However, as of 2003, in order to reflect the fact that […]

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