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We Can All Be Kind to Humankind

Painted rocks with words of encouragement

“Be Kind Whenever Possible. It Is Always Possible”

-Dalai Lama

There’s a lot going on in the world, and as we “return to normal” emotions are running high. Some of us are excited, while others are feeling just a little bit uncertain about how things will be moving forward. Unfortunately, it’s not just the adults feeling the emotional pressure.

The Pediatric Mental Health Crisis

In past months, there has been an unprecedented spike in pediatric depression and anxiety, so much so that the Children’s Hospital Colorado has declared a state of emergency for pediatric mental health. With America’s mental health crisis affecting younger and younger ages,  it’s imperative that we focus on supporting and taking care of each other throughout these tough times.

A lot of our feelings will take time to process, but one of the best ways for dealing with big and hard feelings is to focus on KINDNESS. It may seem like an overly simplistic approach, but kindness can increase mental happiness, self-esteem, empathy, and compassion. 

Letter board with the words be kind, be calm, be safe, spread joy

Be Kind to Humankind Week

Be Kind to Humankind Week was created in August of 1988 and is an annual, worldwide celebration of kindness that begins August 25th and ends August 31st. Its founder, Lorraine Jara, says that it’s a week to support one another and use simple acts of kindness to make the world a better place. 

Here are some tips for celebrating kindness each day of the week…

August 25: Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday

Lend a hand by helping a neighbor/classmate, signing up for volunteer work, offering to do some extra chores, or picking up trash in your community. Helping people is a great way to connect with others and can result in feeling purposeful, happy, and fulfilled.

August 26: Thoughtful Thursday

It’s always important to be thoughtful and considerate, but this Thursday focus on how you and your children can make someone else feel special. Simple things like saying please and thank you or writing a nice note are just a few ways to show the people in your life that you care.

August 27: Forgiving Friday

This Friday is all about letting go of bad feelings. Forgive yourself if you make a mistake, don’t hold grudges, and practice thinking good thoughts. A good activity can be to share positive highlights of the week in order to focus on positivity.

August 28: Speak Kindly Saturday

Use this day to remind your kids that words matter. Kind and uplifting words are always better than hurtful words, and a compliment can be just the thing to make someone feel better.

August 29: Sacrifice Our Wants for Others’ Needs Sunday

Be gracious and consider helping someone who needs help by donating or volunteering your time and resources.

August 30: Motorist Consideration Monday

Rushing around on Monday morning can make everyone feel a little agitated, but this Monday try to be patient and respectful of others while riding the school bus,  using public transportation, walking, or driving to your destination.

August 31: Touch a Heart Tuesday

On this last day, focus on showing your gratefulness and appreciation for those in your life. Consider using Childwatch to send a kind note to a parent or provider, remember to be a good listener, give someone you appreciate a small gift to brighten their day, or make time to do a random act of kindness for someone in your life.

These are just a few suggestions for celebrating this week. Remember that kindness can go a long way to making the world a better place and be kind to yourself and others. Not just this week, but at all times!

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