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Coming Back to School in COVID

School is back! But this time around it has a lot precautions and stipulations. Day care centers are opening back up and parents with young children are finally back to having some much-needed support with childcare. After a year of hybrid and remote learning, feelings about returning to school are running high. A few weeks in, the novelty of school might be starting to wear off. Masks can be frustrating to wear for long periods of time, particularly for younger kids. So how can you help young kids embrace the new reality that that is school during COVID? Make Masks […]

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What Are Sensory and Motor Skills and How Can I Help Develop Them in My Child?

Sensory and motor development are two very crucial and pivotal developments in a child’s life and concurrently aid in the individual’s growth and learning. According to HealthLink BC, sensory and motor development are a gradual process wherein a child learns how to use and coordinate large muscles in the body, such as the legs, trunk, and arms, and one system simply cannot function without the other. A child gains various sensory awareness through sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing, and building a solid sensory and motor foundation is critical before advancing to higher learning.  Motor Skills Of course, children grow […]

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